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Fury is recruiting all classes please read the application procedure in the Fury Academy forums for details on how applications are handled
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Nov 22, 11 5:47 AM

Fury is an active, yet casual guild operating within The Sith Empire on the KAAS CITY SERVER. We are a guild geared towards the more mature, casual, and social player. This should not be misunderstood that we are not serious about being a guild. What we are, is an order that supports friendship and fun over the "OMG Gimmie phat lewtz!" approach.  We hope to create a comfortable home for players seeking refuge from risky PUGs and griefers. We are not hardcore, but a group that tackles questing, instances, and raids with a balance of seriousness, silliness, and success.

Fury realizes that real life comes first whether you have school, work long hours, have small children, or need to work on spouse rep, we support you. There are those who are able to enjoy TOR more often, for longer hours, and we support you as well. Nobody will be required to specialize or play a certain way to meet the needs of the guild.

We are a union of relaxed players focused on  group instances, world interaction, casual endgame raiding, crafting, pvp, and most importantly - socializing. We are serious about being an online family and are open to mature, fair-minded people of all classes and professions. Courteous behavior and a commitment to support our guild community are the primary expectations of all members.

Fury has a guild charter that that will be strictly enforced. Reliability, fairness, and growing the guild community is what we are all about.

For additional information about how we work, read the Fury Charter in the information section. Note that the charter is considered a living document and subject to change over time.

If you would like to apply to Fury, first create a new user (only if you do not have a guild portal account),  click the "Join Fury" button and follow the instructions. If possible, try to create a user name that closely resembles your main character's name.  This helps us identify you to your character.  No big deal if you don't.  We do ask that you please read the Fury Charter prior to applying – this is very important to us a guild. Also, we ask that you answer the application questions completely and to the best of your ability... remember this is the guild's first impression of you!


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